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All About Us

What Sets Us Apart
  • Music publishing: If you are the copyright holder of a music catalogue, then we will be happy to help you manage the catalogue.

  • Distributing sound recordings: We will help you deliver your music content to all current music showcases in the shortest possible time.

  • Large catalog of a variety of music for Sync.

  • Constant replenishment of the repertoire.

  • Available for all types of synchronization: all media, perpetuity, universe.

  • Providing music Cue-Sheet.

  • Convenient search system: sorted by authors, characteristics, tags.

  • License agreement with a guarantee of compliance with authors' and master rights.

  • Assistance of professional music editors.

Types of licenses

What types of licenses are available?
  • Feature Length Film

  • Teaser Trailer

  • TV Shows

  • Short Film, Student Work and Documentary

  • Podcast, Audio Performance, Audio Book

  • Exhibition, Exposition, Public Event

  • Advertisement

  • Games

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